Gamifying Work-Readiness

We created Pointii to make sure educators have an easier time preparing students for work and students enjoy the process. The job marketplace is always changing, and we work with educators to ensure that every student is equipped with the skills and knowledge to become successful young professionals.

Student Advantage

Keeping students engaged in work-readiness is not easy, but with Pointii, you can change that. Students complete challenges and earn points by building elevator pitches, watching video tips of peers and professionals, and completing easy-to-do modules that automate resumes.

Educator Advantage

Use our cool and innovative tools to prepare students for entry-level jobs, while collecting key data, initiating discussions based on student activity, and evaluating student work-readiness through digital employability profiles.         

Supporting Special Education

Pointii was built for every kind of student and that includes those in special education. Just like with any other student, having the ability to learn soft skills and connect strengths to career options is important. With our gamified solution, students feel motivated, confident, and determined to meet their goals and build personalized plans that ensure a well thought out and promising future.