A gamified work-based learning platform designed to help schools and districts prepare more students for industry while tracking their professional development.

Who We Are

A simple professional development and career readiness software designed to help educators prepare students for the workforce

Our Mission

To help all educators help all students prepare for life and career effortlessly

Our Purpose

At Pointii, we want to make sure every student is prepared for life and career. For this to happen, educators must have simple tools that make it easier to equip all their students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed post-graduation.

Students should not be pushed in the direction of careers that do not interest them; this creates decline in retention and an increase in unemployment rates. It simply creates an unhappy world. Nonetheless, students need to understand what is required of them to reach desired career goals. With our strong partnerships with schools, more students will.

We know that when you can provide educators with easier ways to prepare students for life, the future becomes that much brighter. Imagine, for one second, a world with a larger population of career ready high school graduates. Yeah, our minds just exploded too!

Our Team

We are a group of dreamers, innovators, and educators, who work our butts off to make our software solution likeable and not tolerable.

Jamie Advisor & School Counselor
Dr. Chris Advisor & Renown Doctor
Beverly Advisor & CTE Director
Lawrence Sales & Customer Relations
Steve Advisor & Tech Guru
Charles Strategy / Developer
Taylor Developer
Donald “The Don” Trainer