Pointii makes it easier for employers to connect
with the world’s future professionals.

We understand

That baby boomers in various careers and trades are retiring rapidly leaving thousands of positions empty. As studies have shown, each day, ten thousand (10,000) baby boomers retire and begin receiving Medicare and Social Security benefits. With Pointii, employers will be able to effortlessly find and meet with students who show an interest in their profession early on.

For many professions, employers have seen students lacking basic soft skills like communication, organization, collaboration, critical thinking, and more. Pointii offers lessons and tips on how to improve soft skills for students and provide educators with real world examples on how to help their students. With early exposure through career experiences and a comprehension of soft skills, students will perform well at any business post-graduation.

Unlock Potential

The number of determined students local to your business are plenty, but imagine being exposed to students across the country. Students have a variety of hidden gifts and we give you the ability to know their strengths, interests, and talents to ultimately find skills that can and will complement your team and firm.

Gain Notoriety

There are so many businesses across the country, but students have very little exposure to them. With Pointii, create brand awareness so students know who you are, your culture, and expectations. By providing virtual and physical career experiences, students will begin to connect their skills and interests to your company and profession.

Video Features

Be noticed by students who show an interest in your career field when our career profile & career readiness videos begin with your company logo or advertisement

Professional Tips

Give Students tips throughout the week so they are familiar with who you are and your expertise.

Career Experiences

Offer career experiences which help students understand your expectations and culture to better prepare them for success at your firm.

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