Pointii’s primary goal is to prepare students for professional interaction and work. Industry experts will enhance and broaden their knowledge in an array of career fields including those of interest. Due to our strong partnerships with businesses, we also can assist schools in connecting to the right partners for work-based learning opportunities. Because there are different types of work-based learning experiences, and each offers a unique perspective of the workplace, we will define them below and their benefits to students

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Informational interviews

Students are able to meet with professionals in a one to one setting where they are able to ask a variety of questions (Pointii provides questions for students). During this time, students will be able learn more about the career, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Experiential Tours

Experiential tours encourage students to engage the senses with hands-on experience at a variety of businesses offering all sorts of unique cultures and practices. Furthermore, students get to learn more about different professions from expert employees.

Professional Mentors

Individual professionals will take time out of their busy week to help a student not only learn more about their occupation, but assist them in achieving personal goals and achievements.

Job Shadow & Internships

Job Shadowing is an opportunity where students can shadow an industry expert for an entire day and gain experience of their role and gain insight into that particular work area.

Internships give students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in an industry of their choice and develop skills needed for competitive employment. Internships also give students the ability to gain professional contacts, improve confidence, and prove talents and skills.