imageedit 47 4823765829"I am excited to share with you all my experiences and successes with Pointii. It is also my desire to share with you the great effect that this program can have in the lives of students, like myself, throughout the country.

Six years ago, I found myself as a freshman high school student at Robert Brown High School, now known as Edison Career and Technology High School. At the time, many would have agreed that I was a bit unmotivated and thus "wasted talent". However, shortly after beginning that academic year, I was introduced to Pointii. At the time, I had no idea how much the Pointii program would positively change my academic trajectory. Through their coaches and online tools, Pointii provided many of my classmates and me with opportunities that my high school did not offer. I also began to understand what skills I already had and needed to gain in order to be successful in my aspired career and college.

The incentive provided by Pointii motivated us to continue working through our education toward our life and career goals. Ultimately, the Pointii program helped me network with professionals and like-minded students who could help me develop as a young professional. With this newly found network, I began to explore different fields and colleges. I am so glad to say that because of Pointii, I am now an aspiring community activist and junior at Rochester Institute of Technology studying Criminal Justice.

Because I want students, like myself, to achieve to the same success, students must know how beneficial Pointii can be to their life. I truly believe, like me, that they don't understand how real and viable college is and can be for them. All students can aspire to be anything they want to be whether that includes college or not AND Pointii can help make that happen! I urge you to utilize the program so more students can dramatically change the trajectory of their lives!

Sincerely, Libnah


Thanks so much, Libnah! We will continue working our hardest to provide all students with the tools necessary to succeed!

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