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"I love our partnership with Pointii and how they have a NON-JUDGMENTAL approach with students. Pointii's goal is to ensure that students are ready for life post-graduation regardless if that means students go to college or directly into a career. I personally do not have a college degree, but due to my consistent hard work and dedication, I now have a career that I love and am quite successful in. With Pointii, students not only learn transferable skills that make them astounding young professionals, but they truly understand who they are and their potential."



Student Offerings: Gave jobs and tours to over 200 students

Career Fields Learned: Management, Sales, Marketing and Finance

Skills Learned: Leadership, Persistence, Communication, Decision-Making, Problem Solving, Organizing, Planning, and Multi-Tasking

Work-Based Learning Hours: Students received 80+ hours of work experience

Success: During tours, Altitude staff shared personal experiences and extreme work efforts with students to encourage drive, commitment and persistence. Students also got to jump for FREE. How cool is that?!


Donovan, thanks so much for not only partnering with us to prepare students for work and life, but also providing mentorship and guidance. You're the best!

Keeping students engaged in work-readiness with our interactive, point-incentive software that includes job-preparation modules, video galleries and easy-to-complete challenges!