imageedit 11 5316609151UPREP Charter School for Young Men is a public charter school where young men come every day prepared to learn and participate in their educational experience. They know the value of their time, their relationships and the importance of applying what they learn to meet their personal and academic goals. Our daily attendance rate is above 90%.

Our Career & Technical Education Center (CTE) is designed for students to learn culinary arts, machining, building trade and information technology. The CTE Center was created with consideration for the needs of the Finger Lakes economy, and a focus on offering the skills needed for students to excel in college programs. We prepare our students for careers close to home or far away - whichever path they choose. 

imageedit 14 2039686307Grades: 9th - 12th 

Number of Group Leaders (Educators): 7

Goals met with Pointii

  1. Equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce
  2. Get students out of the classroom and in the workplace to broaden career exposure
  3. Get students internships, jobs, and professional mentors
  4. Help students create acceptable and ideal resumes



"With Pointii, our young men were connected to local professionals for invaluable work experience and mentorship. Our students graduated with confidence, self-awareness, and an independent like never before! Oh, and let's not forget resumes. Adults have a hard enough time building legit resumes, so the fact that Pointii's online program helped our young men complete them with ease is amaing! Thanks Pointii!"

Keeping students engaged in work-readiness with our interactive, point-incentive software that includes job-preparation modules, video galleries and easy-to-complete challenges!