Pointii is a simple, user friendly online platform connecting high school and college students to internship opportunities.

How does it work?

  • Students earn recommendations from professionals.
  • Each verified recommendation is worth points.
  • Points are used by students to buy internship opportunities in various career fields.


  • Students broaden their professional connections. As they are exposed to the professional world, they are supported by those who both know and endorse them.
  • Students connect with professionals (during internships) who can enhance their knowledge in various career fields, as well as offer advice, suggestions, and guidance.
  • Via recommendation requests, students are encouraged to build meaningful relationships with their school officials, as well as peers and outside organizations. This interaction helps school personnel better understand their students, as well as an increase in a student’s individual desire to learn.

Pointii has provided thorough input and assistance in making our priorities matter. Students have been satisfied of the chance to pursue their career, and begin life as young professionals in the workplace. Furthermore, their response rate is just as quick as students receiving career opportunities.

Pointii is easy to use for students and professionals alike. Clicking on a link to submit a brief recommendation provides professionals with time to do other things, which in todays’ fast-paced educational setting is priceless. My students who have used Pointii and secured internships have expressed excitement about their future, engagement in their placement experience, and appreciation for the opportunity. Two thumbs up from this School Counselor!

As a Junior in high school, I had no idea where to turn to earn career experience as a Firefighter. Once I heard about Pointii, signed up, and earned my recommendations, the possibilities were limitless. Now as a Senior, I’ve earned career experience in my preferred profession, as well as others. It’s just really simple, and I love that.

I’ve never seen our young men so motivated and willing to learn. They’re connected to professionals who open up their eyes to the professional world and most times become their professional mentors. We are excited about the present, and even more about the future. Thanks again, Pointii!

Brandon McCoy
Internship Coordinator
Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School
Jamie Salatino
Guidance Counselor
School Without Walls
Eddie Casado
Class of 2016
East High School
Beverly Gushue
VP of Career and Technical Education
University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men