Meet Roland G

The Problem

“I wanted to be a big brother for youth involved in Big Brother Big Sister. However, when I received a letter from Big Brother Big Sister in moving forward, they asked me for three references (people who can let them know what kind of person I am). In addition, they wanted to hear from people who I volunteered for within the past 5 years. Sad to say, I had none.”  - Roland G., 24

The Pointii Way

Because of Pointii, students will understand how beneficial community recommendations are. Through giving back, students will secure a network of individuals who can vouch for them when it relates to doing noble acts for others. In addition, students are rewarded points for every recommendation and are able to use those points for rewards. It’s a win-win situation!

Problem Solved

A student is now prepared and able to provide both references and recommendations from individuals whom they have had the chance to form relationships with through community service. Imagine if Roland would have had this opportunity when he was in high school?