Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you pronounce “Pointii”? You guys couldn’t come up with a better name?

It’s pronounced “Point-ee”. We used all of our creative juices on making the name and site awesome and unique; please forgive us.

2) How does Pointii work?

Professionals create groups for their students to join. In doing so, professionals are able to keep track of their students' interests and goals in a quick centralized platform. Once professionals have created a group, they will have given their students the opportunity to receive recommendations, from professionals (via, which are forever stored (unless removed). Each time a professional writes a student a brief recommendation, a student recieves a certain amount of points. Points will enable students to become eligible for internships, scholarships, badges, and more! In addition, points will help students meet the requirements of colleges and companies.

The true value behind Pointii lies in the relationships that are built through recommendation requests. Students can show colleges and companies what professionals are saying about them and professionals are able to learn about the goals and aspirations of the students they recommend.

Plus, it’s a social network, so students are able to connect with each other, view profiles and many of the other cool things you can do on other social sites.

3) What are points used for?

Students can use points to become eligible for scholarships, internships, badges, and more, on the Pointii site! Plus, each college on Pointii gives the GPA, SAT/ACT requirements generally needed to receive a full or partial scholarship to their institution. NOTE: Pointii does not guarantee admission to any college listed on our site. Please see question “If I meet the Pointii requirements for a college, am I guaranteed admission?”

4) Are there other ways to get points?

Not necessarily - let us explain! For instance, a student can receive a recommendation for being on the honor roll. Though they're getting points for being on the honor roll, a recommendation must be written to recieve those points. 

5) How do recommendations work?

Professionals are able to give points to a student by writing them a recommendation via Pointii. To do this, simply go to and click “give points”. Then fill out the simple form and assign an associated point value. Each recommendation can be assigned a value of 100, 250 or 500 points. Professionals do not need to join the site in order to give points.

6) How long should a Pointii recommendation be?

Pointii recommendations are short. Recommendations should be no longer than 3-4 sentences or 400 characters.

7) What would be considered an acceptable recommendation?

Recommendations should highlight a student’s character, achievements and/or impact. Please remember that colleges and companies may view the recommendation so keep it appropriate and about the student. If Pointii deems the recommendation unacceptable or inappropriate, we will not post it and will contact the recommender directly to give an explanation

8) Who can give recommendations?

Any professional who is directly associated with the student can give a recommendation. Whether you’re a teacher, coach, church leader or a neighbor, all professionals are welcome to make a recommendation. Parents cannot give a recommendation for their child. Students cannot give themselves or another student a recommendation.

9) If I meet the Pointii requirements for a college, am I guaranteed admission?

Pointii does not guarantee admission to any college. Each institution provides us with the general requirements for getting a full or partial merit scholarship to their school if accepted (or if the scholarship opportunity still remains). Pointii does not guarantee a scholarship even if admitted. Colleges maintain their own admission guidelines. However, students that meet the requirements of colleges listed on Pointii have a very strong chance at not only being admitted but receiving a scholarship or grant.

10) Am I guaranteed an internship?

Pointii cannot guarantee an internship for each student. However, similar to colleges, if a student contacts Pointii regarding an internship and meets the requirements, they will have a very strong chance of getting one. In addition, students might have to wait between a week to a month to start or get an internship after applying.

11) What personal information does Pointii ask for? Will my personal information be sold to a 3rd party?

Upon signing up, Pointii asks for each students name, email, school, grade level, and to tell us a bit about themselves in “about me”. Beside the name and email address, all of the other information is optional. Pointii WILL NOT sell your information to a 3rd party.

12) Where is Pointii located?

Pointii was created and is headquartered in (drumroll, please)…Rochester, New York, home of garbage plates, lilacs and where Charlotte is pronounced ‘SHAR-LOT’.

13) How many colleges and companies do you work with?

There are currently hundreds of colleges listed on our site and growing. We simply contact them, nicely introduce ourselves, acquire some information about scholarship requirements, and gain their permission to use on our site. As far as companies go, we have a few dozen who offer over 100 internships and shadowings.