We have Solutions for you!

Solutions For Non Profits

Pointii helps nonprofits keep track of their youth’s interests! Nonprofits will be able to launch and create programs and activities their youth enjoy.

Solutions For Schools

Pointii gives schools the ability to keep track of and communicate with their students, while in school, and well after they have graduated.

Solutions For Youth Groups

Since Pointii stores all recommendations, it makes it easier for youth advocates to encourage and motivate their youth, for a lifetime.

Solutions for Professionals

Pointii helps professionals find student-interns who are more than just motivated - they are determined!

Solutions For Companies

Pointii understands that trends and cultures are constantly changing. We help companies find interns who can help them keep up!

Solutions For Startups

Startups are often tough in the beginning, but with Pointii, you can find interns who match your goals, drive, and aspirations.