Preparing Students for Post-Graduation Transition

Why Pointii?

Across the globe, there have been constant conversations about how to best connect students to their ideal professionals. Educators do not have the time between teaching. Counselors are overwhelmed by the number of students on their caseloads. Students are not prepared enough for professional interaction to do it themselves. Parents are busy parenting. Employers do not know how to find the right students or potential employees. We heard of many of these conversations and sought out our own solution.

Our Solution

Pointii provides students early on with the tools, resources, and professionals necessary that will help them to successfully transition into life after high school by offering students soft skill lessons, concise career profiles, elevator pitch and recommendation request tutorials, tips on how to best communicate with professionals, and a simple application to fill out once they are prepared to meet an industry expert virtually or physically. At the same time, we give educators the ability to track student success as they build soft skills and connect with various professionals.

The Results

In doing so, we help students determine who they are, what they do well, and what they will do when they graduate. Educators can spend more time focusing on classwork and their subject area. Counselors can dedicate more time guiding students in the right direction. Parents can continue to parent and not be afraid of their child’s future. Now that is what we call a problem solved!

Our Motivation

We want to make it easier for any student to connect with any professional regardless of their location or career interest.

Lawrence Forte CEO - Founder
Charles Robinson CTO - Founder
Taylor Mankiewicz Developer