With our simple dashboard, we help you identify self-aware and job ready students with resumes and completed career plans. And once students are work-ready, it not only affects them, but their entire household. Watch your students turn into young professionals who are ready for the ever-changing job market.

Determine Work-Ready Students

Incentivize students to complete challenges and levels by adding mock or real work opportunities for them to apply. As students apply, look over their automated resumes. You then have the ability to see if they are work-ready, so that you can help them make the connection, or strengthen their resume for future opportunities. 

Evaluate Student Work Performance

With Pointii, students can easily send digital employability profiles to past supervisors to validate skills and an understanding of standards and expectations in the workplace. This allows you to track student development and work-preparedness quickly and efficiently. 

Measure Skill Development

On Pointii, when students add skills, they must explain why they have each skill. As students develop and learn more about themselves, get a deeper insight as to what skills mean to them and how they are used in school, the workplace, and elsewhere. 

Build Local Partnerships

Use our digital rolodex to help store businesses and organizations willing to offer students opportunities. When you track student activity with partners, it strengthens the relationship and encourages future opportunities to aid student development.