With our simple dashboard, we help you identify self-aware and job ready students with resumes and completed career plans. And once students are work-ready, it not only affects them, but their entire household. Watch your students turn into young professionals who are ready for the ever-changing job market.

Determine Work-Ready Students

Incentivize students to complete challenges and levels by adding mock or real work opportunities for them to apply. As students apply, look over their automated resumes. You then have the ability to see if they are work-ready, so that you can help them get the jobs, or strengthen their resume for future opportunities. 

Evaluate Student Work Performance

With Pointii, students can easily send digital employability profiles to past supervisors to validate skills and an understanding of standards and expectations in the workplace. This allows you to track student development and work-preparedness quickly and efficiently. 

Credit Recovery

Every student learns differently, and for some, the traditional way of learning is not always beneficial. With Pointii, we want to help students not only recover credits, but also become work ready and earn work experience. Contact us to work with our education experts to find out how your school or organization can help your students earn credits with Pointii!

Points Leaderboard

Healthy competition at its best! We give educators the ability to see where their students stand when it comes to points earned and modules completed. Through competition, students build strong character in spite of failure - skills that help prepare students for the workplace later in life. It also helps them succeed socially and academically in school.