Our Vision  

Every student, work ready. 

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Our Mission 

To make it easy for any educator to teach work-readiness to any student through a student's recommended way of learning. 


Our Story 

At Pointii, we all come to work each day with a shared goal; to make the lives of educators everywhere lives easier, and that of students, more fun. Everything we do is with the resolve to remove as many barriers as possible to ensure you have an easier time preparing and educating students for life and career.

In 2014, we started out as a point-incentivized software to help educators with personal development for students. Students would identify goals and skills through elevator pitch building and validate those skills by requesting recommendations from educators and other professionals. Students then used points for prizes that supported classroom success. After working with numerous schools and organizations, we learned that educators were looking for easier and better ways to prepare students for work. The reality is educators need an effective and time efficient tool to help each student become employable and meet the skill demands of 21st century jobs and beyond. Through gamification, we engage students in their development of resumes, career and individualized plans, work performance evaluations, and an understanding of skills necessary to succeed in work and career. 

To meet expected outcomes, educators are assigned a success manager that checks in regularly. We want to make certain all students are prepared for work, and with your partnership, we cannot imagine any other possibility. With Pointii, make work-readiness a thing of good times, fun memories, and healthy competition (among students, that is).

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At Pointii, we live by the FACTSFamily. Adaptation. Care. Trust. Success. 

It is a fact that we care deeply for our customers and their outcomes. It is a fact that we are persistent in our mission to prepare all students for work in a way that engages them. It is a fact that we have dedicated our lives to ensure educators are certain their students will be successful post-graduation. It is a fact that we will always and forever adapt to our customer's needs.

Jamie Advisor & School Counselor
Chris Advisor & Renown Surgeon
Beverly Advisor & CTE Director
Donald  Operations & Support

Lawrence Sales & Customer Relations
Steve Advisor & Tech Guru
Charles Strategy / Developer
Taylor Developer