Through competitive challenges, Pointii helps make work-readiness and soft skill development fun.  As students engage in healthy competition for points and work experiences, they create elevator pitches, individualized plans, and goals, to shape a real life, easy-to-follow roadmap to personal success.

Extremely Engaging Every Time

Students interact with media constantly. It’s fun! Pointii delivers relatable and educationally relevant content upon logging in to guarantee learning is happening right away. Without knowing it, students attain the knowledge and skills necessary to help take advantage of real-world opportunities. 

Digital Resume

When students complete work-readiness modules and design a track record of their successes, past experiences, and recommenders, a resume is built and arranged to use and share. That resume can then be used to apply for work opportunities. 

Pointii Academy

With Pointii, students can watch short clips of their peers and professionals give general tips and advice on soft skills, job preparation and life after high school. As they learn about themselves and their interests, through listening to others, they absorb knowledge on topics that transform their way of thinking and personal development.

Points Leaderboard

Healthy competition at its best! We give students the ability to see where they rank among their classmates on points earned. Through competition, students build a strong character in spite of failure. These are skills that help prepare students for the workplace later in life. It also helps them succeed socially and academically in school.