What does Pointii mean?

You guys couldn’t come up with a better name? Nope. It’s pronounced “Point-ee”. We used all of our creative juices on making the name and site awesome and unique; please forgive us.

We focus heavily on points (hence the first five letters of our name) because it quantifies the amount of work-readiness a student has earned through our gamified program. If you are familiar with the Nintendo Wii, guess where the “ii” came from. The Wii is a video game console that brings together persons of all ages and backgrounds for laughs, healthy competition, and a great time. Starting to ring any bells (Pointii, cough, cough, Pointii). Now, you know our little secret!

How does Pointii work?

I mean just try and imagine "work-readiness gamified" and contact us with your amazing thoughts and ideas. But no seriously, explore our website and check out our cool features. If you'd like to learn more, contact us today!

Are there pricing plans?

Yes, Pointii offers a FREE plan for classrooms and customized plans for schools, districts, and organizations serving youth. Please contact us to learn more about a plan that works best for your needs.

Who can use Pointii?

Organizations, schools, districts, and any educator whose focus is making it easier to teach work-readiness to students.

How secure is Pointii for me and my students?

Security is of the utmost importance! Once users sign up, all of their information is kept private. However, educators have access to student data and information to help monitor and track development.

How are points used? Does it work?

To your second question: Yes, very much so. Points are used as an incentive for students to complete work-readiness modules and challenges. Students also see their ranking in a leader board. So, as you can see, we definitely promote healthy competition. We recommend our partners offer prizes to students, for points earned, like a pizza party? I mean, who doesn’t like pizza?

How do I get Pointii for my students?

Contact us! We will adapt to your needs and work with you to achieve successful outcomes for your students. 

Where is Pointii located?

Pointii was created and is headquartered in (drumroll, please) …Rochester, New York, home of garbage plates, Xerox, Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, lilacs and where Charlotte is pronounced ‘SHAR-LOT’.

I have a question not answered here. How can I get answers?

Contact us now and ask away.

Pointii Educator Workbook